As a company comprised of some credited companies in the field of IT, and with the support and finance from active investors in the market, Rayan Ham-Afza was stablished in 2005. It was aimed at providing the first comprehensive solution of online software. In order to gain the customers trust and to increase the efficiency, the company has embarked on developing a data center inside the country and providing a software-as-a-service solution, which is easily accessible throughout the country.

The company’s main field of activity is developing software for stock brokers, investment funds and banks and software services accordingly. Rayan Ham-Afza is honored to be online host and service provider for 58 stock brokers (%60 of the market), 46 commodity stock brokers (%70 of the market), 51 OTC brokers (%58 of the market), 52 brokers in online transactions (%60 of the market), 10 banks and 106 mutual investment funds (%85 of the market) with more than 5200 branches and more than 14300 users, and with 1430000 customers, in its 9 years of activity. Besides, the online transaction system of the company hosts the operations of more than 87000 users and dealers (with about 3500 users per day, and 17500 simultaneous users).

The recognition of customer’s needs and use of the state of the art technology by Rayan Ham-Afza, has made it a fast developing company gaining about more than %65 of markets quota. With such a performance, Rayan Ham-Afza now profits the expertise of about 100 gifted personnel for data analysis, testing, installing and maintenance services.

Comprehensive Solutions

With a fast growth of Information technology, institutions and business companies need a comprehensive solution, next to the use of software, so that they could fulfill their needs. Now a days, the companies face with a bunch of different sets of information in their branches, which need a safe and fast decision making; this stresses the presence of a system capable of collecting all information and of presenting them to the customers, comprehensively. The comprehensive solutions of Rayan Ham-Afza with the ease of access to the aforementioned information, at any time and from any place, are a proper answer to these needs of the customers.

After Sales Services

One decade of experience of Rayan Ham-Afza has proved that a software, alone, can never answer all needs of a company; rather, a proper set of services are needed after the installment of a system to guarantee their success. Rayan Ham-Afza is capable of doing this. Rayan Ham-Afza believes that in its after sales services, apart from providing the latest changes and improvements of systems, it must take part as a regular consultant towards addressing company’s issues by providing optimum solutions. The experts of Rayan Ham-Afza through after sales services monitor the quality of user’s data entry process, so that the company’s customers would have access to a set of up to date reliable information. 

The approach of the successful companies in last two decades, the development of activities inside the electronic era and, the use of some suitable means has been towards the institutional prosperity. The special place of money and capital and its effect on development and stability of countries, has put a huge stress on the importance of Information technology in this industry. With the increasing growth of the information technology within the institutional activities of the companies, the gapless work, quality services has turned to be a major concern of these companies.

Rayan Ham-Afza Company with establishment of a Dedicated Data Center inside the country and offering its Software-as-a-service solution, has embarked on the development of IT efficiency and improvement of reliance in the industry. This company with its Data Intensive Total Solution has obviated any extra costs for hardware; therefore, they are free of any involvement with the IT technicians, and they can focus on their main activities. With the use of a concentrated and comprehensive solution, the problem of data fragmentation is eliminated thoroughly, and the operation monitoring process, creation of reports and data processing is achieved with no human error or any technical involvement of the company staff.

The use of a dedicated data center for hardware storage and software solution services delivered remotely, any geographical distance is out of concern. With this goal achieved, the experts of Rayan Ham-Afza are able to provide their supporting services, in no time without the need of physical presence in the customer’s place.

In the recent years, software services have been very effective in virtual development of institutions. This aim has been possible through the elimination of any need for extra hardware and software, extra staff, extra branches and franchisers, with the least amount of possible expenditure.

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