Commodity Market Brokerage Management System

The risk management, coverage of processes of different groups of commodity, risk and benefit condition, along with the website and online payment systems are just a few among the many capabilities of the system.

Some of the features of the system are as the following:

•   Ability to designate a method for document production specific to any kind of commodity exchange transactions and automated document production after the transactions are transferred to the system;

•   Automatic production of accounting documents for transactions, settlements, shipments, premiums, cargo deficit or excess, and penalties;

•   Automatic document production for purchase orders in three ways and accurate calculation of pre-payments;

•  Automatic transfer capability of files of transactions from exchange trade system to system of Rayan Ham-Afza;

•   Ability to issue purchase notification alone with the calculation of the prices, pre-payments, commissions, discounts,
value added, net values, and ability to introduce the authorized accounts of each process for settlement;

•   Automatic calculation of discounts and automatic document production;

•   Automatic capability for calculating deductions and additions related to cargo shipment to the client, in the system
and automatic document production;

•   Ability to register the premium of commodity transaction in the system and automated document production;

•  Automated penalty calculation and document production;

•   Automatic registration capability of the cargo and document production.