About Us

Rayan HamAfza was founded on 2005 based on collaboration and support from multiple active companies and big names in capital market industry. The initial goal was to develop a true integrated online software solution for Iran’s capital market and ever since our first days, we have improved this vision and developed and enhanced multiple platforms for online trading and capital market services. Rayan hamAfza has a dedicated data center in order to provide services at the highest level of quality, speed and reliability and our services are now accessible anywhere within borders of Iran and we are ready to cover the majority of capital market with our services.

The main activities of Rayan HamAfza are development of software for Stock exchange, Brokerage firms, Funds, Banks and other participants in Capital market. Rayan HamAfza has a fair share of market under its belt and we are proud to support software and service sides of near 60 % of stock brokers, 55% of commodity stock brokers, 55% of OTC brokers, 55% of online market, 80% of funds and many more companies in the vast capital market of Iran. We support more than 10 thousand branches of stock exchange and capital market services which is equal to serving close to 17 thousand customers and close to 3.2 million users on a regular basis.

We channel operations and transactions for more than 87 thousand user's transactions and we are able to support more than 17500 simultaneous users in our online systems.

We are always willing to identify what our users need and then will provide it for them using cutting edge technologies and the vision of our experts. This approach led to our 60% share over the whole software side of capital market. At the moment, we have more than 120 talented and hardworking personal to analyze, develop and test new products and take care of what capital market needs in the form of software solution.

Comprehensive Solutions

Information technology is growing fast and business enterprises and firms are in dire need for comprehensive solutions beside their usual software to be able to use information from multiple branches and customers in order to make strategic decisions and take more reliable approach toward sales, marketing, expansion of services and many other business activities.

A comprehensive solution will bring safe and fast way to fulfill these needs and Rayan HamAfza is providing some of the best comprehensive solutions in the current capital market that makes working in this business, much smoother than before. Our solutions can be accessed easily by users at any time and from anywhere while keeping its comprehensiveness and fast response to users' needs in a unified ecosystem.

After Sales Services

We believe that great product is meaningless without proper support and that’s why we have an experienced dedicated support team to make the closest possible collaboration with customers while using best software and tools in order to provide the highest level of control and access.

Dedicated Data Center

We have a dedicated Data Center in Rayan HamAfza to provide services in the fastest way possible. Our Data center is based on the latest technologies and brings highest level of physical and network security for our services.

Here are some advantages of dedicated data center for our users:

-         Reduces expenses and needed time to prepare proper software and hardware.

-         Takes regular backup on predefined time sets.

-         Provides different communication infrastructures on Optic fiber and radio mediums.

-         Guarantees the data security.

-         Provides service stability and reliability.